16 de junho de 2021

Christ and Gothic: All About Gothic Wedding

In this article, we will talk everything about the gothic wedding dresses, the must-have accessories and other gothic decors. It's gonna be interesting, so keep reading! 

Have you ever been to a time where you have searched pages after pages but didn't get your white wedding dress inspiration? 

If sparkles and pastels are not your things, then we got an idea for you! 

We know that a wedding is not just a ceremony, it is a celebration of love and reflection of the couple. It is a sacred and joyous occasion. For a devout bride, a gothic wedding is a great way to tie the knot with the person they love. If you're unfamiliar with what gothic wedding is, don't worry as we got you covered! 

What is a Gothic Wedding? 

A gothic wedding is basically a dark themed wedding where everything is black: from the wedding dress to the decors. It is very different from the normal wedding as the theme is inspired heavily from gothic culture. It is a great idea for alternative couples and the ones who are looking for a unique wedding ceremony. 

The good news is, the market is filled with stunning gothic dresses, Gothic jewelry that have never been as popular as they are right now! There is so much to explore in a beautifully haunted gothic wedding style. 

Why Choose a Gothic Wedding Dress?

We completely understand. Wedding is a big decision. Making a profound statement by going for a gothic wedding is a big thing! 

Many times you might be skeptical that what if your dark-themed wedding scares the guest. But come above these fears..once for all! There are many reasons to celebrate your love by adopting a beautiful gothic wedding. Also, if you think that you have to struggle to find a perfect gothic venue, you're wrong!!! There are uncountable venues where your wedding will look more authentic and unique. 

Here are the reasons to choose a gothic wedding dress :

1] To Reflect Your Personal Style 

The best weddings are the ones that reflect the couple's personal style. The ceremony should be such that it speaks a lot about you as a couple. Gothic wedding theme will give your guests an opportunity to know you and enjoy the most memorable occasion. Plus, they will enjoy a unique venue and their own different attires. 

2] If Your Wedding Date is in Fall 

If your wedding date is somewhere in Fall then you should definitely get a gothic wedding dress for yourself. This time of the year is the most beautiful time. The bright orange and red leaves cover the ground - nature is waiting for regaining its life!! 

Such seasons are perfect for a bit eerie but a beautiful gothic wedding. The October weddings around Halloween will definitely make your guests go gaga! 

3] Stunning Venues

Contrary to popular belief, there are tons of stunning locations that can be perfected for gothic weddings. 

Just imagine yourself walking through the stairs of a castle in your gothic tulle dress!! 

Here are some of the best venues for gothic weddings:

Plantation Homes



Outdoor locations in Fall

Warehouses / Ancient Buildings

Ancient Manors

4] Tons of Style Elements

The best thing about the gothic wedding dresses is, you can style them in a number of ways using stunning accessories. The dresses themselves come in various styles, materials and designs. And if you think gothic wedding dresses can only be black, then you're wrong! You can even go for a stunning white gothic gown with black detailing. 

Here are some of the best style elements you can pick from :

Unique Materials - Alternative wedding for alternative styles! A number of gothic bridal dress designers go for materials like draping bead detailing, laces and velvet to create a romantic dress for their gothic bride. You can easily find unusual designer dresses with skull and bone designing for creating a macabre accent. 

Rich Colors - A gothic wedding is not just about black! You can use other rich colors and styles like classy velvety black, ruby red, sapphire blue and emerald green. 

Unique Silhouettes - You can use varied silhouettes in your wedding attire. Most common among them are the corset styles and empire waists. You can also go for varied sleeves such as romantic bell sleeves, lacy fitted sleeves or heavy frills that drops to the floor-length! 

Further, you can finish your wedding attire with a classic black mantilla veil! 

This was all about the gothic wedding dress, now let's discuss how can you finish your bridal look by using unique accessories! 

Choker necklaces, gorgeous veils, hand gloves, statement rings look so dramatic with the lace and bead detailing. There are tons of accessories available in the market that can make any bring dress stunning! Here are some elegant accessories you can consider :

1] Gothic PU Choker

This PU choker looks very different and will complete your gothic look. The metal flower and vine lace heart detailing go with almost every kind of wedding dress. 


2]Gorgeous Gothic Veil

This dramatic black gothic veil will make everyone go head over heels on your bridal look. It is dramatic but elegant. Imagine yourself walking down the aisle covered in this stunning veil, holding blood-red bouquet to say your wedding vows! 


3] Elegant Gothic Earrings 

Even the minimalist brides should accessories themselves using classy earrings. You can either go for studs or elegant drop earrings like these to finish your look. 


4] Finger Less Lacy Gloves 

Lacy gloves are the most favourite accessories of the brides. They look so classy yet so elegant. The open finger lacy gloves go well with the gothic dresses. 


5] Other Gothic Accessories 

There are many other accessories you can go for such as anklets, belts, steampunk mask and necklaces, cross pendants and much more. 

Now, all you need is a deep red bouquet! Here, our advice will be to ask your florist to make a bouquet with red and black roses. It will look even better like this and will also complement your look! 

That's all about it! We hope we have inspired you to take a bold step and go for a Gothic Wedding theme. Whatever dress you select and whichever wedding style you go for, you are going to be the most gorgeous bride! 

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