28 de maio de 2021

Motivation Water Bottle Jug

 Hello girls, all right with you? Today I come to present you a very nice product: half gallon water bottle. I don't know about you but I am totally addicted to drinking water! I don't leave home without a bottle! And if the bottle is cute, even better! The one I'm going to show you today is totally cute! Because it comes with a kind of motivational routine written on it.

Have you ever thought that in addition to hydrating yourself by drinking water, you still read incentives for your routine? That's all you need, doesn't it? Hahahahaha

Drinking water is very important for our health! So it is a great opportunity for you to acquire this healthy habit.

What I liked most about this bottle is that the lid closes very well, avoiding spilling water in our bag, for example.

Another thing that I really liked was the size of it, because it is a great size to carry a great amount of water.

Besides of course, having a totally beautiful design and a totally modern proposal.

If you like to drink cocktails, juices, flavored waters or any other type of liquid, this jar is also perfect for you!

It withstands very well not only water but any type of liquid, preserving the flavor and sealing well to avoid waste.

I wonder how beautiful this bottle must be with a very colorful juice or with a flavored water of a very beautiful color!

Let's get to know a little more about the product?

KEEPTO Large water jug ​​is designed to help you drink more and stay hydrated! You won't be wasting your time re-filling your water bottle. The wide-mouth opening makes it easy for you to clean, add supplements, or ice. Our plastic is BPA free, NO CHEMICAL SMELL OR TASTE. it is perfect for sports enthusiasts to fit any indoor & outdoor activities including hiking, running, workout, camping etc ..

Specification Below:

✔ Can be filled with any cold beverage

✔ TURDY-HANDLE Convenient carry handle

✔ Wide mouth and with straw for easy drinking

✔ Color: 5 Color for your choose (as pictures)

✔ Material: BPA-free, Safe PETG

✔ Care instructions: hand wash only

✔ Capacity: 64 oz.

Package Below:

✔ Motivation Water Bottle Jug

✔ 1pc Starw

✔ 1pc Starw Brush

This product is really cool, isn't it? Now have some pictures of the product:

It is worth mentioning that the product is of excellent quality, durability, strength and finish and that the website is super safe to buy.

What's up, girls? Did you like the Motivation Water Bottle Jug? To have yours just click on the images or links contained in that post! I hope you enjoyed! Kisses and until the next!

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