12 de janeiro de 2021

6 Hottest Trends 2021 Casual Two Piece Wedding Dresses& Retro Wedding Dresses

 Hello girls, all right with you? Today I come with a very nice post for you, let's talk about beautiful wedding dresses.

When it comes to wedding dress, it comes directly to my head: "The most important dress in a woman's life", and therefore it needs to be chosen with great care respecting the bride's curves and her personal taste.

To help with this task of choice, which is not always easy, I organized a real mini list to help. Let's check it out?

DollyGown two-piece wedding dresses this style of wedding dress is super modern and stylish. Because it consists of a dress assembled by two pieces. Running away from the traditional, this style of dress is suitable for people who want to innovate in their wedding.

There are different types of two-piece dresses like any other dress, it is worth mentioning that the bride must be attentive to the model that most highlights the curves of her body, has a good fit and also in the palette of cores that best matches her skin. I separated some beautiful models for you to see:

Casual Short Two Piece Wedding Dress with Lace Top, Bridal Separates with Tulle Skirt

Flowy Halter Lace Crop Top Boho Beach Two Piece Wedding Dress, Casual Wedding Skirt and Top

Rustic Scoop Neck Lace Top Flowy Bridal Separates Long Sleeve Top Two Piece Wedding Dress

Tea Length Polka Dot Wedding Dresses  This dress model is also very stylish and different. What caught my attention most about them is the wealth of details. Certainly dress is the right choice for brides who are looking for a comfortable and detailed dress model. This more detailed dress style will surely yield beautiful photos and footage of this very special day for you and your equipment. Now check out some models I chose:

Affordable Polka Dots Rockabilly Short Barn Wedding Attire with Satin Binding,50s Style Pin Up Wedding Dress

Vintage Country Style Short Polka Dot Wedding Dress with 1/2 Sleeves

White Polka Dot Wedding Dress Tea Length Wedding Dress 50s Wedding Dress

Retro wedding dresses  this style of dress in turn, is suitable for more conservative and romantic brides. Surely this style of dress will make you more delicate and feminine. I really like retro bridal dresses because they remind me of those old novels from movies and books. Surely wearing this type of dress at your wedding will also awaken the dreamy and romantic side of your guests. Here are some of my choices:

Tea Length Wedding Dresses with Sleeves Wedding Dresses Vintage 1950s Style Wedding Dresses

Retro 50s Off the Shoulder Lace Short Vintage Wedding Dress with Long Sleeves

Strapless Sweetheart A-line 50s Style Tea Length Wedding Dresses with Satin Binding Hemline

It is worth mentioning that the dresses here are of excellent quality, good workmanship and rich in details.

What's up, girls? From today's post? I hope so because I did it with great affection! Leave your opinion in the comments that you will love to know! Kisses and until the next!

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