17 de dezembro de 2019

Gothic costume, a contradiction between the classic and the dark

In the classic movie "Edward Scissorhands", there is a dark, ominous , and gothic-like theme to it.What really makes this movie stand out from the rest was its contrast between Edward's gothic style and the townspeople's bright and cheery demeanor. The costume Edward wears in the film is made of black leather and has a lot of detailing on it. Edward wears an outfit that features many buckles, chains, grommets, and studs on it. He also has pale white make up on with black contouring around his eyes and jaw bone, giving him a distinctive look. There's many scars on his face as well that tell the story of his life. His scars are from his scissor hands that he wears, Details that are dark and dangerous in appearance are seen quite frequently in gothic style. Typically, gothic clothing is almost always black. When the clothing is not black, it is usually a dark shade of red, blue, or purple. Many gothic outfits and gothic jewelry have accents on them that are punk looking in appearance. Think of detailing like spikes, grommets, studs, and lots of chains. Anything that seems out of the norm is what makes gothic style so unique than other fashion trends out there. Some gothic jewelry is made of chains and sometimes has a cross pendant on it. When I think of gothic jewelry, I always think of the cult classic movie "The Craft". The movie is about a high school that has a clique of witches. The high school witches wear a lot of black clothing with lace detailing and jewelry that has crosses on it.

 Nancy Downs, the leader of the occult clique, always has on dark red lipstick and super black smoky eye. That and her choker necklaces are her signature look throughout the film. Movies are a great source to draw inspiration from. There's always a way you can put a spin on your favorite character's look. 

Black lace dresses are a staple clothing item in any gothic woman's wardrobe. There's a simplicity and beauty behind a black lace dress that is timeless. Even in the early 1800s, women were wearing black lace dresses. They were more commonly worn during funerals or wakes, but there were some women who were ahead of their time and were rocking gothic fashion. In the picture shown below, the dress has an open shoulder design. Having open shoulders and long lacy sleeves on the dress give it a unique look. It's not a Victorian styled dress that some gothic women are seen wearing. What does give the dress a hint of Victorian flair is its buttoned down corset-like bodice. The buttons down the middle add some extra detailing. Since the dress is a high-low cut, it is a dress that can be worn everyday or as a formal dress. What is unique about this dress is its the way the lace flows throughout the whole dress. It would be paired nicely with fish net stockings, and a choker or beaded cross necklace,it’s a good Preparing for a Dark Gothic Prom. You could also pair the dress with a clutch if you are wearing it to a formal event or a cross body bag if you're taking a more casual approach on the look. Once you accessorize the outfit from head to toe, the look is complete. 

This next dress has a fun element to it. On the bottom hem of the dress, there's 3 layers of ruffled trim. Having that one detail adds so much character to the outfit. What also makes this dress something different from the rest is its cross and chain detailing on the bodice. Since the dress has that element to it, it's sort of like it has a built in accessory. Not many dresses have that kind of accessory built into them. Another style of gothic dress that is popular and also super cute is what I call the "Wednesday Addams" look. I think every gothic girl needs a touch of Wednesday Addams style in her closet. In the photo below is a picture of a dress that has a polo neckline to it. In the "Addams Family", Wednesday Addams is always wearing her signature black dress with a white polo neck line on it. The dress in the picture, however, is all black and has a cut out in it. Having the neckline separate from the rest of the dress is very different. This style is something I have never seen before, but I thought was cool. No matter what gothic dress you choose, you'll have to find the perfect accessories to match. 

One of the most common accessories seen in gothic trends lately is the choker necklace. Any outfit can be paired up with a choker. The good thing about chokers is that they won't take away from an outfit, since they won't get in the way. There's many styles of chokers such as velvet, lace, cross chokers, and more. Another accessory that is very popular right now is the round shaped over the shoulder purse. These purses are great because they are small, come in different styles, and are able to hold all your things without being bulky. No one wants to carry around a large handbag anymore. Instead more people are downsizing and choosing a round purse. With tons of varieties in patterns, you're sure to find the right purse for you. Gothic aesthetic is all about balancing many different materials, shapes, and patterns. It's a good idea not to over do it with accessories so that your outfit can shine through. Layering necklaces and bracelets is okay if done correctly. A rule of thumb to follow is don't choose very bulky materials to layer. Small beaded layered necklaces or bracelets are better idea than layering a ton of big heavy chains. No matter what gothic aesthetic you choose, you're going to look great! Just remember to always have fun experimenting with new looks. Gothic style will never be the same and neither should your style.

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