24 de outubro de 2019

Gothic Fashion

The most popular kind of Gothic clothing is the black lace dress. It is a staple clothing item in anyone's closet that loves Gothic style. In today's fashion scene, Neo-Gothic clothing is really in right now. Gothic outfits from the 70's, 80's , and 90's are making a comeback. Clothing worn that is Neo-Gothic is black and has a grungy feel to it. When you think Neo-Gothic, think leather and mesh. Those materials are used the most in Neo-Gothic fashion. However, there are still many people who still wear Victoria Gothic clothing. The Victorian Gothic style is based on looks from the 1800's. Things that make a Victorian Gothic outfit complete is a dress that is long in length, black, and has extravagant lace detailing on it. High collar necklines are also common on Victorian styled dresses. In the 1800's it was frowned upon to look risque and the clothing women wore had to cover up their whole body. Covering up the body was looked at as being modest. There is also a Gothic fashion called medieval Gothic, That style is as it says, fashion that is inspired by the medieval era. When you hear medieval Gothic you can also think of the Renaissance era. Those eras are closely tied together. The dresses in medieval Gothic style are typically long and have long bell sleeves on them. There's also usually a corset bodice on them just like the Victorian Gothic clothing does. Nowadays, skin showing is more acceptable in Gothic fashion. As seen in the photo below, the woman is wearing a dress that is mesh. Gothic style has dramatically changed since the Victorian era. As Gothic style continues to change as trends change. Who knows what this style will look like in the years to come! Will it be more traditional still, or become more modernized? Only time will tell what fashion will stay and what will go. 

In many movies that are based in the Victorian decade, you will notice Gothic Victorian styles. A movie that comes to mind is Tim Burton's "Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street". In the movie, Sweeny Todd's employee Mrs. Lovett (Helena Bonham-Carter) runs a meat-pie shop. After Sweeny Todd (Johnny Depp) slits his customers throats, he knocks them down the chute where Mrs. Lovett takes the bodies and uses them in her meat-pies. Throughout the film, Mrs. Lovett wears many Victoria Gothic inspired dresses. In the photo below, Mrs. Lovett can be seen wearing a lacy dress that is perfect for the twisted character that she is. The costumes worn by the actors and actresses are based on Victorian fashion. Even Sweeny Todd's outfit is somewhat Gothic. He is seen throughout the movie in dark clothing that has Victorian detailing on it. Since the film and the musical is set in the 1800's, it makes perfect sense to include Victorian clothing. The dark colors in the clothing also matches the movie's dark and twisted theme. It's story needed to have characters with a creepy, yet beautiful, Gothic style. I'd highly recommend anyone who is seeking Victoria Gothic inspiration to watch this movie. Its also the prefect fit for anyone who likes musicals with a dark, gory, and mysterious story line. 

Victorian fashion has a specific look to it. You will know when you see someone wearing a Victorian styled outfit. Some of the special characteristics of Victoria Gothic dresses is the signature black color. Almost every dress you run into that is Gothic will be black or dark in color. A black lace dress is commonly seen in the Gothic community. The shape of the dresses also make the style distinct. Most Victorian dresses will feature a corset bodice. Corsets provide dresses with the perfect hourglass, cinched , tiny waist that was favored in the Victorian era. On the corset, ribbon is used to achieve the tight fit. The ribbons are either on the front or the back of the corset. In the picture shown, there's an example of what a typical Gothic corset looks like. The next thing that Victorian dresses sometimes feature is a hoop slip. To make a dress stand out from the rest, hoop slips are used to provide the dress with a fuller look. The entirety of a Gothic look is usually very lacy. Lace detailing gives Gothic style a refined look. Noble Gothic dresses are beautiful in every way. Noble dresses sometimes will have a dovetail shape to them. It accentuates the waist and bust nicely. In the photo shown below, there is an example of a noble Gothic dress. The dress has many features on it, including spaghetti straps with slouchy sleeves. Having sleeves like that give the dress a soft look that is still dark. Another thing that makes this dress extremely gorgeous is the detailed corset. There is embroidery down the middle of the corset, and ruffled lace on the sides. In the back of this dress there's a ribbon laced corset. On the bottom of the dress there is multiple layers of lace ruffles. All of the details on the dress make it one of a kind. 

If you are looking for a magical, noble, Gothic look, look for inspiration from movies and social media. Those sources give you many options to find what look will fit you the best. Following Instagram accounts that focus on Gothic style will help immensely. You could also use the popular app Pinterest and pin all the looks you are wanting to try. Most of the time the pins will come with links that will direct you to the dress or accessory that you are looking for. With so many forms of Gothic clothing, it's important to seek the look that is perfect for you. Once you have found your look, wear it like the dark queen you are and join a fancy Gothic Prom! And remember that there is no particular Gothic look. There are so many different Gothic styles out there from Victorian Gothic to the more modernized Neo-Gothic look.

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