19 de março de 2019

Decorating Your Desk with Homerises

Hello girls, all right with you? Today I come with a post about a theme that I love talking to you: Decoration!

I was visiting the HomeRises website and was wondering what topic I could talk to you about.

So I decided to give some tips on how to decorate your desks. It is very fashionable to have a tumblr room and today I will show you how some objects can make all the difference:

Mugs: They are beautiful and useful. The mugs are the blogger's darlings, besides there are beautiful models, we can keep a diversity of things in them.

Boxes: Boxes follow the line of mugs: Beautiful and useful. They also allow us to store different things and give a very detailed touch to your desk.

Watches: Because no one deserves to lose the time, right? Haha. The cool thing is to choose a different model to get more tumblr.

Portrait Door: To leave your desk even more with your face, nothing better than a stylish portrait door.

Now there's no excuse not to decorate your desks, right? Haha.

What's up, girls? Like the post today? I hope so, because I loved sharing my tips with you.

Visit Now: https://www.homerises.com/c/desk-decorations-7/ to know more products!

Kisses and until the next!

20 comentários:

  1. que lindos esses itens de decoração, me apaixonei por todos


    1. Fico feliz que tenha gostado de tudo, Mél! Beijinhos ♡

  2. Oh só coisas fofas, nem sei qual gostei mais
    Novo post
    Tem post novos todos os dias

  3. Sou apaixonada por itens de decoração e esses estão lindos demais!


  4. Estou deixando este comentário para dizer que gostei bastante do que acebei de ler aqui neste artigo, inclusive já salvei até meu navegador em meus favoritos.
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