10 de outubro de 2018

Gorgeous MillyBridal Dresses

Hello girls, all right with you? It is with great joy that today I come here on the blog to make another post about dresses. Today's chosen store is MillyBridal http://www.millybridal.org/?utm_source=post&utm_medium=Milly085&utm_campaign=blog

MillyBridal is an online store that has many dress options. Besides being very beautiful, the purchase on the site is very safe and everything has a lot of quality.

I was wondering what kind of dress it was interesting to bring to you. Behold, the first category that came to mind was the Two Piece Prom Dresses http://www.millybridal.org/two-piece-prom-dresses-c-146/?utm_source=post&utm_medium=Milly085&utm_campaign=blog

This style of dress is not as well known to women as it should be and so I wanted to bring it to my blog. I find this dress style very interesting because it is a two piece composition. So we can play a lot in the formation of the look:

Another style of dress that I found very interesting to bring here to the blog were the Mermaid Prom Dresses http://www.millybridal.org/mermaid-prom-dresses-c-162/?utm_source=post&utm_medium=Milly085&utm_campaign=blog
We know that everything related to mermaids is very fashionable and knowing that there are dress that refer to the creatures essad is very cool.
The model and cut of these dresses are very interesting, as they have a cut that give a perfect shape in the silhouette, thus leaving our curves highlighted and our femininity surfaced.

What, girls? Do you like to visit this store?

To check out any of these beautiful dresses, just click on the photo corresponding to it and will be directed to the site!

I hope you enjoyed it, kisses and see you next time! ♡

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  1. Oh que tem mesmo modelos bem bonitos
    Novo post //Intagram
    Tem post novos todos os dias

  2. What a wonderful post, dear! I really enjoyed reading it!
    A big hello from Germany!
    Hugs ♥

  3. Sou mega fã da MillyBridal :)
    Adorei o post!
    Um beijinho


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