18 de dezembro de 2017

BestHairBuy Lace Closure

Hello girls, all right with you? Today I come with one more post for you, my readers from another country ♡

And today the post is again on a subject you love: Hair!

I have told you several times about the practicality of hair extensions that allow us, right?

Today we will start talking about BestHairBuy Free Part Closure
which are innovative appliques, they are with loops on the front, ie: Their application is made through the front. I found this model very different and practical. Because when we have to put the applique from the back we can have difficulty in the visibility of it.

Now let's talk about BestHairBuy Middle Part Closure - https://www.besthairbuy.com/middle-part-closure/
Girls, did you realize that in this category we get beautiful hair with curls and waves? I think it's super awesome because it gives a totally natural vibe to the wires! We all know how much curls and curls are hot, right? So to dismiss the babyliss a little you already know where to bet! Haha

The next category we are going to talk about is BestHairBuy Three Part Closure - https://www.besthairbuy.com/three-part-closure/
Now on this topic, we'll talk about long hair.
We have to admit, long hair is beautiful visually.
The problem is they take a lot of work to care for. I already had very long hair myself and it was a lot of work.
The cool thing about these long appliqués is that we get ease in the care and maintenance of the long yarns. So get the tip, girls! (I.e.

Speaking of tips, I leave you now with some preparation tips:


There are a few things you will need to prepare for the addition of your extensions. First of all, your hair needs to be clean, dry and absent from styling products. Greasy residue from dirty hair or product buildup will make it difficult to stick to the hair.

Use the rat-tail comb to create a straight horizontal part in your hair. The rat-tail comb is simply combed with a long, tapered handle. The tapered end, or rat-tail, is what you use to make the part. If you are doing full head of extensions, start from the nape of your neck and work your way up. If you are adding just a few extensions for color or highlights, make your part just below the crown of your head. When you slide the rat-tail under your hair to make the part, determine if the section is too thin by seeing if the rat-tail is visible through your hair. If you can see the rat-tail of the comb, you will be able to see the bond of the weft.

A good way to prep the area is by dipping a cotton ball in alcohol and lightly sweeping it across your strands at the party. This will reduce the amount of oil near the root, making attachment easier. Do not soak the cotton ball, since alcohol can severely dry your hair

Now that we've talked enough about the appliques, let's check a few clicks of them?

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I hope you liked it, girls! Kisses and until the next! ♡ 

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