20 de setembro de 2017

Rechoo Hair Pathernship

Hello girls, all right with you? I come here to continue talking about hair. In this post in turn, I want to introduce you to my partnership with Rechoo.com https://www.rechoo.com/

This store has wonderful hair, great quality, good prices and a lot of security at the time of your purchase.

In this post I want to tell you how hair can help in building the perfect day's look, more precisely: How to use Rechoo Synthetic Wigs https://www.rechoo.com/collections/synthetic-wigs in your look of the day:

Good girls, the first tip is the following: You spend hours when they get ready in the morning and to furnish their looks doing brush, flat and baby liss, right? Yeah! And it does not always stay the way we want. So using hair extensions in the day's look is the guarantee that our hair will stay as we want!

The second tip is this: How many times do we leave the house in a hurry and we do not have much time to tidy our hair? So with these appliques we have the convenience, agility and variety required. Just choose the one that is most appropriate for your look of the day, choose, put it with all the practicality and you're done! You will be beautiful in moments!

Speaking of ease, do you know the clip hair extensions?
Guys, these appliques are simply everything a woman needs! The ease of application is impressive!

A super cool tip that I would point out to you guys to use the clip appliques, are for people who have that old dream you know? That old dream of having beautiful long hair but unfortunately has little time available.

Girls these clips will make your hair huge! They'll look like a real Rapunzel. It's amazing how they make life easier and allow us to have dream hair, right?

Good girls, now that you have had all these tips, check out some Clip Hair Extensions https://www.rechoo.com/collections/clip-in-hair-extensions   that I selected on the site especially to help them:

Rechoo Kinky Curly Clip In Hair Extensions #1B Natural Black 120g 7PCS

Rechoo Straight Clips In Hair Extensions #2 Dark Brown 100g 7PCS

Rechoo Body Wave  Clip In Hair Extensions #2 Dark Brown 200g 10PCS

What, girls? Do you like the store I introduced you today? What about my tips? Do not forget that to know more about it, you must follow all the following social networks:





I hope you have enjoyed it, girls! Kisses and until the next! ♡

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  1. Estou precisando muito de um desses rsrs


    1. Oi Ju, eu fiquei morrendo de vontade ter um também, haha. Beijinhos ♡

  2. Que legal, adoro esses apliques!


  3. Os apliques são lindos mesmo, gostei de conhecer a loja!
    Um beijão,
    Gabs | likegabs.blogspot.com ❥

    1. Oi Gabi, fico hiper feliz em saber disso, beijinhos ♡

  4. Eu usei trança uns dois anos e fico maravilhosa com cabelão tenho cabelo afro e agora tirei para fazer uma transição capilar no cabelo amei suas dicas

    1. Oi Ju, caramba que máximo! Eu não tenho dúvidas que pode ter ficado maravilhoso. Fiquei curiosa para ver, haha. Beijinhos ♡


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