8 de abril de 2017

Dresses to Raze + Accessory Tip Trend Alert

Hello girls, all right with you? Today I decided to make a multi-use psotagem: That is, I solved it apart and give tips from super nice stores also show you beautiful dresses and also a super cool post with tips accessory. Having all this in one post is not too much? <3
Good girls, I'll start by giving a shop tip: You need to know the just fashion now it's a shop simply too, with clothes super trends and that will surely leave you in love.
I spent a lot of time thinking about what I was going to say, what kind of clothes I would show in today's post until I decided to talk about boho maxi dress. For the simple fact of knowing that these dresses are super high and for never having talked about them here in the blog.
Good girls, these dresses are very comfortable and fit well in day to day to make various outings that require comfort and elegance. I made a lovely selection of dresses for you, so would you check with me?
White Floral-print Off Shoulder Shirred Boho DressWhite Sleeveless Surplice Neck Floral Swing Boho Dress
Always Stunning Black Strappy Back Spaghetti DressTribal A-line Sleeveless Racerback Slit Boho Dress

Luxe For Days Dark Blue Foral Backless Slit DressWhite Boho Printed Surplice Neck Wrap Dress
Luxe For Days Floral Slit Swing Chiffon DressValley Girls Frill Sleeve Slit Printed Dress
 Did you notice how these dresses are versatile and beautiful? I urgently need one of these! Haha
Now we go to the second subject of the post, eeeee \ o /
So girls, I think you remember the StyleWe store, right? It's a darling store partnership here from the blog a long time ago. And I was taking a look at the blog of this store and I came across a very interesting subject: how to wear Silk Scarf.
I was delighted because I love scarves and scarves and I confess I did not know how versatile they can be and break the biggest branch. So I'm telling you this post is more than enough!
What's up, girls? What did you love the most in the post? I'm super curious because I did everything with a lot of affection, huh? So do not stop telling me what you think of the post in the comments, right? I hope you enjoyed it, kisses and see you next time! <3

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