27 de março de 2017

Wishlist: Products of the Moment on Zaful

Hello girls? All right with you? I'm here for another list of items for you, but this time I just picked up items that are on the rise. Items that we see famous bloggers use, girls who are famous in social networks, in short, the products that are in 10 out of 10 women's wish list. So if you also want to be inside the products that are booming on the internet, stay focused and come crazy with me:

Unicorn Makeup Brushes Set - Light Purple

So girls, we could not start this post without talking about the product that is driving the internet crazy: The Unicorn Brushes! Girls, everyone I see is wanting those brushes, haha. But it's not for nothing, right? They are cute!

Novelty Camera Shaped Cross Body Bag - White And Black

Another product that is also making the head of the little girl tuned in the trends are the bags of objects. For coinscidence I found this here in camera format that by the way I found it wonderful;

Halter Gradient Color Lace Up Women's Bikini Set

Another item that I see many people longing for is the mermaid bikinis. I found this super cute in the store and I was super delighted by it;

Glittler Eye Makeup Brushes Set - Rose Gold

And of course  girls that in this list could not miss the kit of brushes inspired by mermaids. They are all decorated with glitters, a true passion;

Panda Pattern Hooded Long Sleeve Hoodie - White

Also I decided to bring to this list this super fluffy Panda sweatshirt. Whoever follows me on instagram already knows that I have one and he is also super trend;
3 Pcs Two Tone Teardrop Shape Beauty Blenders - Red

And to finish this WONDERFUL list, how about these sponges that are super useful at the time of base? The pirate gal! They're almost indispensable, are not they? Haha.

What's up, girls? Which of these items is the darling of your moment? I suspect I'm talking because I'm too consumptive and if I could have wanted everyone for me, haha. But what about you? I'm very curious! Do not stop telling me, eh? Also do not stop visiting this incredible store by clicking here: http://www.zaful.com/?lkid=21130  I hope you enjoyed it, huh? Kisses and until the next! <3

8 comentários:

  1. Amei as suas escolhas e assumo que também quero tudo.


    1. Oi Ju, nem me fala guria! Estou pirando aqui! Haha. Beijinhos.

  2. Amei sua seleção! E esse biquíni? Maravilhoso!


    1. Oi Pathy, esse biquini é maravilhoso, né? Beijinhos.

  3. Quero tudo !
    Beijo e beijo <3

    1. Esses produtos estão demais né, Pati? Beijinhos.

  4. Super amei sua listinha, desejos meus também hehe. bjus

    Blog Mikaelly Menezes

    1. Fico muito feliz em saber disso, querida! Beijinhos.


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