18 de fevereiro de 2017

Many Cool Tips for You

Hello girls, all right with you? I am very happy because I am in another post in English and can give tips to my readers from outside the country: D

Today I'm going to give some very cool product tips that I found out there. But today the post will run away from the conventional: I will show products of several categories and not just one as usual. Are they all prepared for the coolest finds of the year? I'm super prepared and super excited! Come on, girls?

I'll start by saying that the findings can be easily found in StyleWe and also found in JustFashionNow which are two super incredible stores and full of super stylish items that we super bloggers love <3

I do not know about you but I'm in love with gloves! I'm always looking for some cute and different model (and I confess I have several) when I found these on the website soon I thought: I need to share these gloves with the girls! Haha and this is what you will check next:

Gray Floral-embroidered Ruffled Wool Blend Casual GlovesFloral Jacquard Wool Blend Gloves

Plain Knitted GlovesHalf-fingered Plain Knitted Gloves
They're beautiful, right? Now changing a bit because as I said before this post is multi haha tips. Do you like cool blouses? I'm really delighted because I found a blue navy blue off the breathtaking top! I love basic colors because they are very easy to combine and so I decided to show them here in the blog. Are they ready to see them? There we go again! Ahahaaha

Blue A-line Checkered Girly Off Shoulder TopTassel Stripes 3/4 Sleeve Polyester Off Shoulder Top

I want to take advantage also to leave a tip of a super cool post for you, this post is about 30 Best Celebrity Hairstyles of 2016 and I found it very cool and wanted to share with you that just like me, I know love posts about hair: D

What's up, girls? Did you like this kind of super stuffed post of products? I'm very curious to know everything they found so tell me everything, huh? I really hope you liked it, because everything was done with a lot of affection: D Kisses and see you next time! <3

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  1. Amei demais as roupas <3 Ótimo post, beijos!


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