9 de outubro de 2016

Long Evening Dresses StyeWe

Black Prom Dresses Hello girls, all right with you? It's been a while since I'm dying to show here on the blog some long dresses that can be used in colder seasons. And these days, visiting the site of an amazing shop called StyleWe found the perfect dresses for you and of course I ran instantly share everything!

As I said a few other times, dresses are the perfect outfit for women. Once chosen the right model, we can get much more feminine, elegant and charming. And always thinking about the diversity of my readers, I tried to choose models for every taste:


 This first dress makes a bolder line and is for girls who love going to night and keep a vial a little more attractive and sensual. I found the color of his super basic but at the same time very elegant. You know that phrase that says: "Less is more"? So this color perfectly fits this description.

This other dress is for those who love our so-called "little black dress". Although right girls, that basic little black dress that there is not is nothing haha. I found it super wonderful, the face of the wealth haha. Girls like elegant dresses and classic, this is the right requested of you.


For the on duty and fashionistas who want to use an outfit that totally escape the conventional, I found this super model, hyper, different. I believe so will divide opinions, but if you are a tuned girl and loves launch trends, playing with everything, darling! haha...


And last but not least: How do I know which is the preferred model of you, I decided to choose another basic black. But this is more full of detail than the other. Surely this model the duty of cute girls will fall in love!

And then, girls? What was the favorite dress model for you? They want to check more models? You have not found your perfect dress? Keep calm and click HAHAHAHA that this link has a lot more amazing dresses for you! I hope you enjoyed, kisses and see you soon! <3

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