1 de dezembro de 2015

Beautiful Dresses for Christmas

Hello girls, all right with you? Christmas is coming and it is honestly one of the dates I love most in the year: This whole thing the family together, yummy finger food, goodies and gorgeous dresses, it's all very charming.
Thinking about it all and with this yummy Christmas mood, I decided to write a post for you helping them choose their dresses for Christmas Eve.
The dresses chosen for me, are the PickeDresses.com site and you'll be charmed by the models chosen. Is ready, girls? So come on!
The Black Prom Dresses are true wildcard in the wardrobe of any woman. Once it has that phrase that says: "When in doubt, use a little black dress" dresses that will appear below are nothing basic, haha.They are super lush and well varied:

A-line Sweetheart Floor-length Tulle Rhinestone Prom Dresses #PED02022525

Sheath/Column Sweetheart Floor-length Tulle Chiffon Beading Prom Dresses #PED02014747

These first two models are for those who like me LOVE sparkles. These dresses have chosen are well extravagant, elegant and sexy. So if you like to dare, to draw attention and be fashion all at the same time, these models are perfect for you!

A-line Sweetheart Short/Mini Chiffon Beading Prom Dresses #PED02041957

A-line Sweetheart Short/Mini Tulle Crystal Detailing Prom Dresses #PED02111410

These other models are for little girls who love to show off your legs, haha. They are cropped and very elegant. Also suitable for those who live in areas that make a summer at Christmas (As in Brazil for example) as they are freshly baked and super comfortable. Surely you have left very feminine and with their super curves highlighted!

A-line Straps Floor-length Chiffon Rhinestone Prom Dresses #PED02022530

Sheath/Column Sweetheart Floor-length Chiffon Beading Prom Dresses #PED02014867

Since these are other models for discrete haha duty. They do not have very deep necklines, has few sparkles and are long. So if you like to be elegant and simple at the same time these models are perfect for you. They are also specially designed to highlight all the femininity and female body curves, have a lovely trim and are beautiful too.

In my opinion, all women must wear dresses, many dressed and know why? Because dress is a unique piece of woman, ever stop to think about it?
I think that every woman is beautiful dress, just find the one that suits your body.
Dress is a piece that leaves no one more feminine, sleeker, sexier ...
And the black dress as I said is a real joker in our wardrobe. So the more black dresses has more options wildcard looks have, haha.
So bora renew our stock of black dresses, right, girls?

And then, girls?They liked the dresses which have separated to you today? What was the dress you like best? I can not say which was my favorite because I sincerely loved all too! Haha. I hope you enjoyed this post, girls. Kisses and see you soon! <3

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