1 de setembro de 2015

Holocaust in Lego Scenes

The unnamed student, who comes from St Helens, depicted various key events in the Holocaust, which resulted in the murder of millions of Jews by the Nazis
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A Lego timeline of the Holocaust has been making waves across the internet after being created as part of a 16-year-old's history project.

The pupil, from St Helens, shared his collection of more than a dozen pictures online and has since been contacted by people around the globe.

He told the Liverpool Echo: “My history teacher set us a task to create something that will help people remember the Holocaust, as every history GCSE student in the country has to study it.

“I decided not to make a poster, but to make a timeline. This would help me to remember the dates better.

Liverpool EchoLego Holocaust timelineFame: The Lego models have spead worldwide after being shared on Reddit
“As I’m not a very good drawer I thought why not do something I am good at?

"One Sunday afternoon later I was ready to print out the photos and stick them together in school.

“I’m pretty overwhelmed by the reaction online; there’s been a huge variance in what people think about it.

"Usually my photos and creations get a few hundred views, so it was certainly a surprise to wake up to 275,000 views.”

Liverpool EchoLego Holocaust timelineTalent: The photos have prompted more than 1,000 comments on Reddit
The images show scenes made out of Lego depicting various key events in the Holocaust, which resulted in the murder of millions of Jews by the Nazis.

The timeline starts in January 1933 with a picture showing Adolf Hitler being appointed as Chancellor of Germany.

He stands in front of a crowd of people with a swastika behind him made out of red and white Lego bricks.

This is followed by a scene from February 1933 which has the caption “40,000 SS and SAS men are sworn in as auxillary police”


Liverpool EchoLego Holocaust timelineHistory: The images show scenes from various key events in the Holocaust
Another image shows: "The Reichstag is burned, probably by the Nazis."

The photos of the Lego Holocaust scenes have prompted more than 1,000 comments on news website Reddit from users around the world.

The student shared his photos on Reddit with the heading: “I made a Lego timeline of the Holocaust for a school history project.”

Answering comments on the site he said: "My collection is a combination of all my Lego, all the Lego my brother has bought and all the Lego several cousins have bought.

Liverpool EchoLego Holocaust timelinePoignant: Allied soldiers come across the Nazi concentration camps
"They think they’re too old for it. It would be hard to put an absolute value on how much I’ve spent on Lego over the years, but it’s a lot. I spend more on Lego than I do on anything else."

Among the scenes is a depiction of the D-Day landings and the opening of Auschwitz.

The timeline ends with the Lego Hitler lying on a Swastika with the caption "Hitler commits suicide."

There is then a final photo showing the desk where all the Lego scenes were made.

Liverpool EchoLego Holocaust timelineThe end: Hitler commits suicide in Lego
The headteacher of the boy's Liverpool school told the Echo: "In response to a GCSE class research question about the need to remember the Holocaust, the pupil, uniquely among his peers, chose to employ his passion for Lego to create a detailed visual timeline of the events which led up to and made possible the persecution of millions.

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