1 de agosto de 2015

Beautiful Dresses For You

Hello girls, how are you? Today on the blog we have a super cool subject, talk to: Pretty wedding dresses of weddingshe
You already know how passionate I am for dresses, right? And tell me, what woman does not dream of the day of your wedding? This date is a very important date in the life of a woman and therefore should always be carefully prepared and respected.
And the dress is a fundamental part of the occasion, as the choice of wedding dress is really a very important moment for the bride and your family.
Always roll stress that when choosing the dress because you never know for sure what we therefore call brides today to ajduar you, I bring three different models of dresses. Let's check?

The first model is for brides who do not like too bright and prefer things simple. It has a very elegant cut and leaves the body curves of sensational woman. There is a bright spot in the waist and bust, which brings a lot of sensuality. It has no frills or any other extravagances but at the same time is a very elegant and beautiful dress.

The second dress model is longer for those who love to vent! Full of sparkles and frills! A luxury only! I think we all deserve a worthy of a princess dress on our wedding day, right? And then those who think like me will surely identify with this model. It is quite pompous, detail and his lower half is simply sensational. This dress reminds me of the Disney princesses of the dresses and I confess that of all was my favorite.

Gone are the days when wedding dress had to be necessarily long. This model really breaks taboos and causes some controversy for its distinctive style. He leaves part of one of the bride's legs will show which brings a lot of sensuality. So if you want to leave your truly surprised guests opt for this beautiful model!

One thing that makes any more beautiful wedding also are the flowers. And look only other variety of them I found this link: http://www.weddingshe.com/list/Wedding-Rose-Petal-113583/  girls believe that there are even rose petals heart-shaped? It's love, right? I am very delighted with all thisquestion:

but then girls, now I'm super curious here and waiting containing me and answer the following  "If you were getting married today, what would be the dress model chosen" I certainly would use model two because I love extravagance! So tell me all girls, because I'm dying of curiosity! I hope you enjoyed, kisses and see you soon! <3

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